Saddle ridge ranch coloring pages

The community initially consisted of acreages, with an active community association since the 1970s; intended urbanization was supposed to begin in the 1990s, however, due to drainage, it was pushed to the 2000s. In the mid 2000s, urbanization of the region began and, today, Saddle Ridge primarily refers to the urban community that has developed around the commercial hub formed by Saddletowne Circle, although a number of acreages remain. The western portion of the area is called Saddle Ridge Industrial and has started its construction in late 2018. Savanna, a division of the neighbourhood, is currently being built as part of the final expansion to Saddleridge for its full urban completion. Beside Savanna and 68th Street will be the Savanna Bazaar, an outdoor commercial market place that serves South Asian and Southeast Asian needs and food. Construction of Savanna began in 2017 and is still ongoing, while the first phase of the Savanna Bazaar is expected for completion in summer 2019.

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