Running horses coloring pages for kids

Running Horses is an abstract bronze sculpture by Tom Hardy, completed in 1986 and originally installed at the southeast corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square at the intersection of Southwest Yamhill and 6th Avenue. It depicts three horses in the act of running and was donated to the City of Portland by Bill Roberts. The sculpture measures approximately 3 feet (0. 91 m) x 10 feet (3. 0 m) x 2 feet (0. 61 m) and rests on a bronze base that measures approximately 4 feet, 7 inches x 21 inches (0. 53 m) x 21. 25 inches (0. 540 m). It is attached to the base by the front legs of the center horse. Inscriptions include “Tom Hardy”, near his signature, “KNOW”, and the signatures of Pete Fradin, Alan Peterson, Al Goldsby and Sam Dalmage. While installed at Pioneer Courthouse Square, the base was fixed to a low brick wall which served as a bench.

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