Long pants coloring pages

When it was released, film critic Mordaunt Hall gave the film a positive review. He wrote, “Some hilarious passages enliven Harry Langdon’s latest film oddity, Long’ Pants. . . Although these incidents are acted with consummate skill, except for an occasional repetition, it is quite obvious to any male who has made the decisive change from short to long trousers that the idea offers possibilities far greater and more genuine than those that greet the eye. The answer is that Mr. Langdon has once again capitulated to his omnipotent band of gag-men. It may be all very well for Harold Lloyd to rely on mechanical twists, but Langdon possesses a cherubic countenance, which offers him a chance in other directions. . . Mr. Langdon is still Charles Spencer Chaplin’s sincerest flatterer. His short coat reminds one of Chaplin, and now and again his footwork is like that of the great screen comedian. ”

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