Kate greenaway giant coloring book pages

Kate Greenaway was born in Hoxton, London, the second of four children, to a working-class family. Her mother, Elizabeth, was a dress maker and her father, John, an engraver who gave up steady employment with Ebenezer Landells’ engraving firm to strike out on his own. When Greenaway was very young, he accepted a commission to provide the engraved illustrations to a new edition of Charles Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers, sending his young family away to relatives in the countryside to give himself solitude while producing the engravings. Kate’s earliest memories are of Rolleston, Nottinghamshire, which affected her deeply. It was a place she returned to frequently in her childhood. Children’s literature scholar Humphrey Carpenter explains the period was to Greenway “crucial . . . she felt it to be her real home, a country of the mind that she could always reimagine”. After returning to grimy London streets Rolleston became a place to visit in her mind and constantly embellish.

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