American badger coloring pages

The American badger is a member of the Mustelidae, a diverse family of carnivorous mammals that also includes weasels, otters, ferrets, and the wolverine. The American badger belongs to the Taxidiinae, one of four subfamilies of mustelid badgers – the other three being the Melinae (4 species, including the European badger), the Helictidinae (5 species of ferret-badgers) and the Mellivorinae (honey badger); the so-called stink badgers are mephitids. The American badger’s closest relative is the prehistoric Chamitataxus. Among extant mustelids, the American badger is the most basal species; its lineage is thought to have split off from the rest of Mustelidae about 18 million years (Ma) ago, following the split of mustelids from procyonids about 29 Ma ago.

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